Commercial Kitchen and Extraction Cleaning

LH Group Cleaning Services specialise in commercial kitchen & extraction cleaning. Although based in Liverpool we currently have contracts with hotels, leisure centres, & offices from as far down as Birmingham and up to Newcastle and across the country.

LH Group Cleaning offer a range of Kitchen & Extraction cleaning services listed below. We can also tailor bespoke packages to suit your company needs and offer a FREE no obligation quotation.



LH Group Cleaning Health & Safety clean is ideal for businesses which have received a food hygiene report that requires specialist and rapid cleaning. We will respond swiftly and discreetly to rectify the issues which are stopping you from receiving the ‘all clear’ from the inspecting authority. On completion of the clean a full report detailing the work undertaken will be issued and we will continue to communicate with you until the inspecting authority are fully satisfied.

Area Specific Clean

LH Group Cleaning don’t need to clean the whole kitchen, we realise that some businesses prefer to clean their own kitchens. However sometimes the lack of specialist tools, training or chemicals makes it more time and cost effective to allow us to do the dirty work for you! We can clean any oven, hob ,steamer, hot plate, grill, bain marie, fryer, work station……….

            One off Deep Clean:

Ideal for businesses which have recently moved into some new premises and feel the general cleanliness is not of an acceptable standard

Regular Cleaning Programmes:

This is a cost-effective way of addressing your cleaning needs and maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. We usually recommend a one off deep clean at first, followed by a regular cleaning programme 

Extraction Cleaning

LH Group Cleaning understand it’s a difficult and unpleasant job but legislation including the Health & Safety at Work Act, Fire Risk Assessment and your buildings insurance means you can’t ignore it.

The consequences of neglect can be severe for the business responsible, the implications are at best the failure to comply with Health & Safety regulations, at worst the consequences could be severe as serious fire damage or even loss of life.

We can provide a complete internal extraction clean, including grease filters and extraction fans. Using the latest de-greasing chemicals and equipment. We can remove the build-up of fat, grease, dirt and soot deposits which can so easily cause malfunction of the ventilation extraction fan which can also lead to a major fire.

All cleaning can take place anytime 24 hours a day, this allows your business to continue trading without any disruption to your usual trading hours. Intervals between regular specialist clean depend on usage, below is a guide LH Group recommend the intervals between cleans as stated by the Health & Safety Executive and the Confederation of British Insurers.

We also offer a take-away service for your filters. We can do this monthly at a time to suit your business, at a cost-effective price. Contact us for more details.

Usage Amount

Daily Use

Cleaning Frequency

Light Use

2-6 hours per day

12 Monthly

Moderate Use

6-12 hours per day

6 Monthly

Heavy Use

12-16 hours per day

3 Monthly